Your Baby’s First Word Will Be Dada

Book Review: Your Baby’s First Word Will Be DADA

I first heard the buzz about this book on twitter. I’m a big Jimmy Fallon fan and love the story about his family and Winnie. So needless to say I was pretty excited to get my hands on this book. I intentionally didn’t research too much about the book because I wanted to be surprised.

But I never expected to be surprised on Father’s Day when I was given the book by my in-laws. What a perfect present! Since this is a children’s book I read through it immediately (this counts as a completed book toward my Goodreads annual goal right?) and fell in love. It did not disappoint. Yes the idea is simple and you could probably have written this yourself, but you didn’t!

With that said, most early children’s books are much more than the words on the page. They are basically pictorial guides that allow parents to teach their children new words, animals, sounds, shapes, and colors – oh and you can read the words too. If you haven’t checked out the book you should pick up a copy here, I bet you and your baby will love it.

Book Construction:

Another board book, but the pages are a little thinner than others we have. Probably due to the number of pages. The cool thing is that I noticed R.R. Donnelley printed the book, who I have done print work with in the past.


These are some unique looking animals, but they are recognizable (even by our 1-year-old). I like the organic nature of the shapes and colors that make up the various dads and babies.

The illustrator kept the backgrounds simplified which draws your attention to the relationship. The white border that frames each page adds interest and makes for a clean look. If you are paying close attention, you will notice that all the dads have a surprised or disgruntled expression. I find that layer of interest to be quite humorous.


As with the illustrations, the typeface chosen is natural edged and not perfect. This plays nicely with the style. All the text is done comic book style inside of speech bubbles. While that isn’t the most creative solution it works for this application. Once again when you look close there is a fun little touch on every “dada” exclamation point, a little splash of complimenting color.

One type element that I feel makes the book look amateur though is the use of Sketch Block Light on the title and author name on the cover. This font is overused and cheapens the book in my opinion.

Number of Reader Voices:

13 dad voices, 13 animal sounds, 1 narrator, and one group yell!

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