Wooden Activity Walker

Walking is such an amazing milestone for a child. For the longest time I thought Juniper would never crawl but she did. Then I thought she would never walk and then she did. I truly believe that this EverEarth wooden activity walker was part of the reason she learned to walk.

When we first got it Juniper was about 6 months old and she showed little interest. She was a little young to understand what exactly it was for. She would crawl over and push it as it would roll away. Eventually, she became confident enough to pull herself up and she started cruising.

Even now that she can walk without holding on she enjoys pushing the toy around. She has figured out how to push it over the ledge of our carpet and get it out of some tight spots. It has been fun to watch her grow and learn a new way to interact with the toy every day.

What makes this walker great is that it is all wood. If you have read any of my previous posts you already know about my dislike for shiny plastic toys. This walker shares all the same features of a plastic version except it doesn’t require batteries. It goes together easy and the mix of shapes, textures and colors make for a wonderfully designed toy.


You can see that there is a little basket on the back where kids love to store toys (or tv remotes) and push it around like a shopping cart. Even my older niece and nephew love to play with the features on the front and push it around.

If you are looking for an alternative to the flashing, whirling, over-the-top plastic walking toy then you should really consider buying this one. I stand by my theory that this simple walker aided in Juniper finding balance.

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