Wheely Bug Riding Toy

Right around Juniper’s birthday we were trying to figure out what to get her. We knew she didn’t care or know that it was her birthday so there wasn’t a necessity to buy her a gift. But being married to a woman who loves presents it was a priority to get Juniper something. 

I knew that I wanted it to be something that was quality and would be fun for a while. Probably something that she would grow into. We tossed around several ideas and one day stumbled across this riding lady bug toy from Wheely Bugs.

We both fell in love with the styling and the fun nature of the toy. I honestly wasn’t sure how nice it would be because Lindsay found and ordered it. When it arrived I was surprised at how small it was (they come in 2 sizes and we got the small). But I also was impressed with the quality of the craftsmanship.


I appreciate the makers attention to detail. The stitching on the padded seat area reminds me of nice leather upholstery that you would see in a luxury car. The spring loaded antenna add a fun element to play with even when not riding. And it should come as no surprise that I love the wood base. It is both a wonderful shape and a nice contrast of materials.

Juniper’s legs still aren’t long enough to push herself, but she loves climbing on and having someone move her around. The caster wheels even make a fun clicking noise as they run over the grooves of our wood floor.

If you aren’t into lady bugs they also make a mouse, bee, cow, tiger, pig and hedgehog. They are all fun and function while being well made. Just pick a small or large depending on your child’s age. It seems like it will be a toy that will be fun for several years.

Do you have a riding toy that you like? Tell me about it below.

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