We’re Going to the Farmers’ Market

Book Review: We’re Going to the Farmers’ Market by Stefan Page

I don’t travel often for work but when I do I like to bring home presents. A week ago I had a trip to Chicago and stopped in a bookstore to buy some books for Juniper. I was just about to leave with my selections when I glanced up and saw this book! I flipped through it quickly and knew I had to get it.

We love going to the farmers market and often spend our Saturday mornings strolling through the stands to get peanut butter, produce and pickles. The trips are always very relational as well; talking with the farmers and friends we see while visiting. This book perfectly teaches our growing daughter about an experience her parents love so much. I am also fond of the line that mentions “daddy” since there are so few books that talk about dads as family participants.

Book Construction:

A board book, which I love for this age (less than 1). Juniper can help turn the pages without fear of them tearing.


I already talked about my love of the theme of this book, but the illustrations are what convinced me to buy it. They are so colorful, geometric and imperfect. This combination keeps my interest and attention page after page.



If there is one thing lacking in this book it is the typography. The words are very small and are just placed where they can fit, rather than being intentionally designed into the pages. On each page, you have to search around a little to find the next phrase.

Even though the type isn’t strong it is very readable. The contrast is good and the type colors have been well selected for legibility over the background.

Number of Reader Voices:

One. Just a narrator is present. Seems to be from the viewpoint of the child. Many of the lines rhyme and for a nice cadence throughout the book (which I am realizing how much I like in children’s books).

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