The Five Senses

Book Review: The Five Senses

Last Friday, our family took a trip to a small local town nearby after work. We enjoyed a nice dinner and then took a wandering stroll through the downtown area (you can see a picture of that on instagram). One of the stops we made was at an awesome independent book store. 

They have a great selection of children’s books. Somehow we sat there and read a whole bunch but only left with one! But the one we left with caught my eye because of its unique style. Mostly because of how it is constructed. I hadn’t seen any other books quite like this. More on the construction below, but if it was just about that I wouldn’t have bought the book.

The story in the book is about the 5 senses and teaches them in a unique way. It shows families spending time together outside exploring and experiencing normal life. It shows how even the mundane can be a teaching opportunity. It also features a diverse range of people which I love!

Book Construction:

As I said above this book has a unique construction because it is made from 98% recycled materials. The paper is unbleached and the printing is done with eco-friendly inks. The hardback cover is durable and supports the cardboard pages inside.

I love that innovative kids took the extra time and effort to do something unique. And they did it without skimping on the story or illustration!


The illustrations aren’t anything super-artsy or overly styled, but there are a lot of neat details. The patterns that are used on some surfaces to create interest and contrast add a to an otherwise flat image. The little animals that are sprinkled through the pages are fun to find and are styled very cutely.

The pages are filled very nicely to bleed off the edges while also accommodating for the text. A nice use of the both the filled and empty space.


The font choice is very similar to comic sans. I don’t usually love that style but for this book it is whimsical and childish. Which is the target audience for this book so I think it works. It also makes it much more readable if your child is in the early stages of learning to read.

Number of Reader Voices:

One. Just have to narrate this one.


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