The 2015 Toddler Holiday Gift Guide

Shopping during the holiday’s can be quite a headache. In our family, we have adopted a 3 gift rule when it comes to Juniper. The reality is that we don’t need more stuff, but it is fun to receive presents. So we have decided to buy fewer things and focus on making sure they are awesome.

Even still it is hard to find those gifts that may be a splurge during the year but worth it for the holidays. As always I am concerned about quality and this list highlights my top 10 picks for quality toddler gifts in 2015. I chose a variety of price points and mixed it up between toys and style items.

I hope that this proves helpful as you set out shopping this year.



This was one of the first items I reviewed on dadsigner but I am still a huge fan! We play with our set regularly and Juniper has crossed over to helping build towers instead of only knocking them over.

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PlanToys Racers

These fun animal cars are made out of sustainable material. They are inexpensive and make a very fun, quality set of toys for either boys or girls.

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Fisher Price® Classic Record Player

I am a huge fan of all the classic Fisher Price toys that are being re-made. Vintage styling is an aesthetic that I personally love especially since it has held up for so many years.

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walking-toy_feature_dadsigner EverEarth Activity Walker

This walker shares all the same features of a plastic version except it doesn’t require batteries. It goes together easy and the mix of shapes, textures and colors make for a wonderfully designed toy.

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Cotton Bureau Heartwood Kids T-Shirt/Onesie

This is a shameless self-promotion. I designed this great heartwood shirt and it is now available in kids sizes. If you like the idea of supporting independent artists check out all the kids shirts available from Cotton Bureau.

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Pantone® Colors

Pantone® is the premier authority on color in the design world. They set the standards for communicating color between designers and printers. When I found that they made several children’s books I knew this was the best way to teach colors.

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Mason Dixon Shoes

Finding high-quality, hand-made products is rare in today’s landscape of mass production. So when I find a product that meets those criteria I get very excited. Mason Dixon shoes are some of the classiest children’s shoes that I have seen.

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Nutcase Little Nutty Bike Helmet

This boldly styled bike helmet comes in a variety of finishes including little monsters, bumblebee, colored polka dots, space cadet, and many more.

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Radio Flyer All-Terrain Stroll ‘N Trike

This amazing trike carries the classic Radio Flyer name and is versatile for a variety of ages. It has an adjustable seat that can move as your child grows along with a removable handle for when your little is ready to peddle alone.

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Jetaire Camper Playhouse

Kids love to play make believe and go in places that are “their size”. This camper tent has personality and classic charm that will look great in any bedroom, playroom or living room.

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So whether you find yourself looking for your own kids or need to shop for a family member, this is a great starting point to find the gifts that someone else probably isn’t buying. You also know that these items are quality and are officially “Dadsigner Approved”.



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