The 2015 Dad’s Holiday Gift Guide

I have heard that shopping for men can be difficult. I don’t believe it! Shopping for someone else is a challenge no matter who. Whether or not you are a dad (or shopping for a dad) there are plenty of amazing, quality “toys” that most men would love. 

I’ve set out to put together a list of items that a lot of dads will enjoy. This isn’t for everyone but if your man cares about quality then any number of these items may be appealing to him. I only included items I currently own or would care to own at some point in my life. Enjoy the list and I’d love to hear about what else you would add.

Fisher Space Bullet Space Pen

This pen will easily to slip in your pocket without being bulky or writing on your pants. It also can write normally or upside-down and when you run out of ink just order a refill. You get to pick your color as well, matte black for me! Buy Now


The Woodbook

Part of being a man is being able to identify things. I remember riding in the car asking my dad the makes of the other vehicles on the road. The same is true of trees and wood. This book will help you ID any wood slab laying around. Buy Now


MVMT Watch

A watch that is classy and casual at the same time can get a lot of wear. MVMT is making some great watches without the high price tag. I have the black on black version of this watch and love it. I regularly get compliments on the simple styling. Buy Now


Mahabis Classic Slippers

House shoes (or slippers) are great when you live in the North. They keep your toes snug and warm with an added level of comfort. The rub comes when you have to run outside in the snow and the bottoms get soaked. These slippers are easy to slide on and have rubber soles. A win-win! Buy Now


AeroPress Coffee Maker

If you like strong coffee and the office Keurig won’t cut it then you need an AeroPress. It makes slightly less than espresso strength coffee in minutes. It beats out a french press as well because it is so easy to clean. Just push out the ground into the trash a give it a rinse. Buy Now


Wooden Tripod

Tripods are very useful when on an expedition. They allow you to set up the shot hands free and prevent camera shake. While a wooden tripod might be a bit heavy to lug around on a hike, its durability will last for ages. Buy Now


Wetterlings Expedition Hatchet

Why do you need a hatchet? I feel like this is a question every wife asks. And the only answer is “for everything”. You really don’t realize how practical a good hatchet is until you have one and use it regularly. This Werrerlings marries simple style with quality craftsmanship. Buy Now


Newgate London Clock

An analog alarm clock is a dream come true for me. I prefer to have my room completely dark when I sleep. Even the dimmest LED alarm clock causes me to restlessly stir. This old style clock is the perfect solution to get some shut eye while looking stylish. Buy Now


Apple TV

I’ve used a bunch of streaming TV devices. For a bit, we even cut the cable cord and operated solely with Netflix and Hulu. Now with as much media that is streaming it is a better deal to just buy an Apple TV. Just so you know, PBS kids has an app and the Wild Krats can be watched all day! Buy Now


Topo Rover Pack

As a kid, it was always a good year when I needed a new backpack for school. Even as an adult I love a good backpack. Topo is making some of the best packs on the market, and they are all made in Colorado. They teamed up with Woolrich to make this awesome version. Buy Now


That concludes my 2015 Dad’s Holiday Gift Guide. I hope that this has been helpful. Please remember this holiday season to slow down, forget about all the gifts and spend time with your loved ones!



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