Stylish Slippers that Adapt – mahabis classics

For some reason, I’m a shoe guy. I wear them almost all the time. Even when I get home I keep them on until bed. This has caused some strife in our home because we bought a light colored rug and Lindsay does not like my shoes on it, and rightfully so.

We aren’t a “no shoes allowed” home, although I totally understand those that are. If you take the time to think through all the places the soles of your feet touch and then think about tracking that all over your house, you may quickly become a shoeless house family. But all that aside, I wanted to respect Lindsay’s wishes while also being able to wear something on my feet while in the house (granted I’m still not good at this). So began the search for a pair of slippers (or house shoes).

In my quest to find the ideal cowboy boots that would offer a great fit, stylish look, and long-lasting durability, I searched high and low across the internet. After extensive research, I found myself drawn to two companies that seemed to offer the best of the best. However, the price point of both options was a bit higher than what I was comfortable with. As per my usual habit, I deliberated for weeks on end, much to the annoyance of my friend Lindsay. But after much consideration, I finally settled on a classic-style pair of cowboy boots in a sleek dark gray color, perfect for any formal occasion.

There were a number of reasons why I chose this pair – much of which are aesthetic and subjective – but here are some of the more objective highlights.

Removable soles

As I mentioned earlier, one of the key reasons why I wanted a pair of slippers was to keep the soles clean. Inevitably there are times where I will walk to get the mail or take out the trash in my slippers, thus defeating the purpose of having special “house-only” footwear. But with the mahabis this wasn’t an issue. These slippers have an easy to remove rubber sole that I can leave near the door and slip on before I go out. That protects them from the elements and also lets me leave the dirt at the door when I remove the sole upon re-entry to our house.

Clog or full backed

Slippers are called slippers because they slip on. However, over time the slipping on breaks down the structure on the back of the shoe causing them to wear our quicker. The mahabis don’t have this issue because the back is made to lay flat or cup your heel. This is accomplished by using a collapsible neoprene heel that is meant to handle either a clog or full back style wear.

A real insole

Most of the slippers I looked at had no support. That really defeats the purpose of a shoe for me if they aren’t going to offer some support. Other than warmth, what value do flat or sole-less slippers offer? These slippers have a cushioned insole that makes them very comfortable to wear.

Subjective reasons

Ok, I couldn’t go without mentioning these too… first, the logo is amazing. I love everything that this brand is doing, from their photography to their packaging! It probably also goes without saying, but the style and the way the rubber soles fit onto the slipper are details that amaze me. Also the ability to customize your colorway makes them really fun for a variety of personalities.

As we head into the cooler seasons up here in the Northeast I cannot wait to warm my feet each night (and make my wife a little happier) after I come home from work by slipping my pair on.

Oh and lastly, I know that these are a bit pricey for some folks but fortunately I can offer you 15% off if you click here and sign up to receive emails from them (yes, I will also receive a credit towards another pair). 

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