Eyes Book


A children’s book about animal eyes. 20 pages featuring 10 animals. Perfect for ages 0-2.

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"My 9-month-old loves this book! Because she is a baby, her attention span for books is very short and only stays engaged if she likes the pictures. Well, she can\'t stop looking at the pictures in this book and she touches each animal's face. It's adorable!"

"Great book! The colors, illustrations, and animals engage our children! It's a perfect book for bedtime, well, anytime really. I enjoy it for bedtime because it is quick, easy, and entertaining! It's a must have!!"

"Great book by a great designer and dad. Support a small business and have a happy baby!"


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    This is hands down my toddler’s favorite book. We read it over and over and over and when we lost our copy on vacation we absolutely had to replace it it’s so wonderful! The illustrations, colors and font are so incredibly gorgeous that I don’t mind reading it on repeat either—simple concept, wonderfully executed!

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