Pantone® Colors

Book Review: Pantone® Colors

Being a designer, color is very important. Not just primary and basic colors but the full range and the smallest nuances. It is fun teaching Juniper about color because it is a passion of mine.

Pantone® is the premier authority on color in the design world. They set the standards for communicating color between designers and printers. When I found that they made several children’s books I knew this was going to be the best way to teach Juniper her colors.

The books do not disappoint and this one in particular teaches so many variations of colors. Everyone knows that there are various shades of colors, but they usually aren’t able to articulate the differences. This book solves that issue by teaching many many different shades of each color.

Book Construction:

A hardback board book. This construction style is unique but very versatile. It holds up better than a standard board book and is a bit larger as well.



Simple is the best way to describe the style. I do like the small shapes that are added on some of the illustrations to create shading and texture. However, other illustrations are overly shiny and look strange.



Once again, simple. A nice use of a sans serif that is very readable. The text placement is consistent throughout the book which makes it easy to flip through and read. The scale is also well done with the main color being large and the shades being smaller and contained. The final touch of the Pantone color in the square adds a level of awesomeness that makes the design nerd in me smile!

Number of Reader Voices:

Just a narrator here. Unless you want to make up a personality and voice for every color.

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