PacaPod Hastings: A Dad’s Diaper Bag

I was recently at a friend’s birthday party and found myself in a conversation with another dad. He sarcastically joked about how much he enjoyed carrying around the floral diaper bag over his shoulder. I laughed politely and thought to myself that it didn’t have to be that way.

My mind specifically shifted to the line of PacaPod bags designed with dads in mind. When I first saw these online, I fell in love with how stylish either parent would look carrying their bags. Since receiving our bag, this theory has held true as numerous people have told us how much they love the bag.

The Hastings bag in driftwood from PacaPod is the one I am sporting above. These bags go far beyond just looking good. The biggest differentiating factor of this line is the ingenious 3-in-1 system. There is the main outer bag, but inside there are separate changer and feeder pods to keep things organized and hygienically separated.


Pictured above you can see one of the “pods” inside the bag. The bag comes with one pod to hold diaper changing paraphernalia and a second to keep all the feeding items cool. For me, this is a brilliant design as I like to have everything in its place. The exterior pocket is also great for quick access to things you need to keep handy.

As far as quality is concerned this bag cannot be beat! The durable exterior fabric makes the perfect shell for a bag that will get a lot of use. On the inside, the nylon is easy to wipe up or clean out in the case of a spill. And lastly the faux leather pulls and buckle add a stylish and long-lasting touch.


When it comes to carrying this bag there are several options. You can wear it like a backpack, which can be easily adjusted to your fit. You can carry it by the handle on the top. Or you can use the clips it comes with to hang it from your stroller.

All-in-all this may be the nicest diaper bag that I have found that functions perfectly for kids but doesn’t force you change your style. It can work for a dad or a mom and even after the kids are out of the diaper phase it is still a great bag to use for many years after.

Go check out the full collection and find a bag that will match your style at

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