Old Bear

Book Review: Old Bear

Whenever I go to a bookstore I am always overwhelmed by the choices. It is hard to walk away without blowing our entire savings on books. Such was the case a few months ago when we went to a small toy store in a local town.

For her birthday, Juniper was given a gift card to the most amazing toy store in Peddler’s Village . The friends that gave us the gift know us well and know how much we love quality toys. What I didn’t realize is that a good portion of the store was dedicated to books. While Juniper and Lindsay ran around playing and looking, I got lost in the book section.

I ended up choosing only 2 books to go home with that day but this book was one of them. I love the simplicity of the story and the magical nature of the story. I also love that it teaches about seasons and animal rhythms. It is a great teaching tool to talk about our lives and the seasons that we all go through.

Book Construction:

The copy we have is a board book, but it is also available in hardcover.


This is what drew me to this book. The illustration style is so beautiful. The thick cartoon lines create natural curves and textures on everything. The pages move back and forth between full spread illustrations and boxed in ones. It is done in a way that works together though and makes for a nice variety as you turn each page.



This is kept simple throughout the book. The size stays the same and the placement does as well. This created a fluid reading cadence. The font is also large enough to read with adequate contrast, which cannot be said for many books.

On the cover and spine is where the typography really shines tho. The large, rustic bold type makes for a clear and distinctive cover. Even the way the authors name is large without being overbearing shows that a designer thought through the layout.

Number of Reader Voices:

One narrator.


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    Great post ! Being a single dad, I was happy to see your blog. Just found a cool book for kids. It’s called, “Cooking With Mr. C.”. I got it off of Amazon. My boys love to read. Thought I’d share. I’ll keep checking your blog out.


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