Night Light and Potty Talk

When I was a kid my mom often reprimanded me for “potty talk”. Clearly I didn’t listen well because today’s post is full of that. Okay, maybe not the same kind my mom was trying to get me to stop, but the kind that actually involves a toilet.

Full-disclosure here: I was sent this product for free and I was skeptical. I thought it was a silly, gimmicky item that I’d receive and find no use for. I also thought after looking at their site that the whole purpose of this was for potty training. Boy was I wrong. The IllumiBowl is awesome!

So what exactly is the IllumiBowl?

At it’s most basic level it is a motion activated toilet night light. For me though it is a game changer. If you are like me and need a pitch black room to sleep and then have had to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night you know the struggle. You shuffle across your bedroom trying not to trip on the pair of shoes you left in the middle of the floor. Then you feel around for the door jamb so you won’t run face first into the wall. Then once you find the toilet, you sit down to make sure you make it or turn on the bathroom light and blind yourself.

The IllumiBowl changes all that, well really on the bathroom portion, you’ve still gotta do the “bedroom shuffle”. But once you get within a good distance the toilet bowl lights up with the perfect amount of light to see but not be blinded. This now gives you the exact coordinates of the toilet and will prevent you from stubbing a toe.


As far as features go, the light has a switch that will allow you to choose from 8 different colors (my favorite is the white because no one wants to see red or green shining back at them from the toilet! NO ONE! :)). And installation is quick and easy, just wet a few suction cups and position appropriately. If placed properly, no one will ever see it and it will still motion activate.

I’m writing this post for everyone, kids or not!

  • Spouses of men that have an aiming deficiency
  • Parents of kids that are potty training age (more on that here)
  • Someone who needs a novelty gift that will actually have value
  • Bachelors that want to add a little extra flair to their bathroom

Don’t just take my word for it, go get yourself one for every toilet in the house!


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    I don’t know, for a “dadsigner” that thing hanging off the toilet isn’t very aesthetically pleasing.

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