Natursutten Pacifiers

Bink. Binker. Binky. Buppy. Guk. Zup. Zuppy. Noog. Nuk. Paci. Pass. Plug. Whatever you or your child calls a pacifier they are often a parent’s friend.

There are so many options available these days. Different colors, patterns, shapes, and materials. Not all pacifiers are created equal though.

Many don’t fit it a baby’s mouth and others leave harsh lines on baby’s face. Some even fall apart while in use and create a choking hazard (sorry to paranoid parents).

When we decided on the ones we would buy for Juniper we were referred to the Natursutten Natural Rubber pacifiers. They come in both round and orthodontic shapes. We love them for many reasons, most of which they state on their box:

  • Designed to gently touch baby’s nose – more closely simulating breast feeding
  • No cracks, crevices or joints where bacteria can hide
  • No allergens
  • Made with 100% natural, sustainable rubber
  • No BPA, nitrosamines, PVC, phthalates, chemical softeners, or artificial coloring
  • Natural rubber is softer than silicone and won’t leave marks on baby’s face (my favorite feature)

I also cannot help but comment that the contours on these are so beautiful they could actually be miniature sculptures. That may just be the designer in me speaking, but when a product is so well crafted that it blurs the lines of art, safety and functionality I cannot help but be drawn to it.


Pacifiers do come in sizes that are specific to the age of your child so make sure you are using the correct size.

I do not think that pacifiers are a substitute for paying attention to your child, but they can often help your child feel comforted and calm. We definitely try to be aware of how much we give her “the bink” so that we don’t create a harder to break habit in the future.

As with most of what I talk about on this blog, parenting is a very personal thing. You have to do what works best for you and your family. These are just the thoughts and opinions that I have found to be helpful for our family.

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