Nativity Set Kids Can Enjoy

Nativity sets have become a standard in many homes that celebrate Christmas. From my experience most come with a story or are an heirloom. Because of this, they are generally set on high shelves so that they aren’t played with and don’t break. It seems kinda odd since they are little figurines that look a lot like toys to a child. 

When my brother and I were young we were playing with a ball in our living room. My mom had a porcelain nativity set that she always displayed on the mantle at Christmas. As rowdy boys do, we accidentally knocked Mary off the mantle and one the brick hearth. We were devastated because we knew how special it was to her.

But like all kids do, we tried to hide what happened and glued Mary’s face back on and set her back in the scene. It wasn’t long before my mom was warming up in front of the fireplace and noticed the cracks and chips on Mary’s head. Needless to say, we had to fess up.

Fortunately, Fisher-Price is out to prevent those stories from happening by making a Little People Nativity Set. We got ours last year from my Aunt and were so excited to give it to Juniper after Thanksgiving. She loved it immediately and has been carrying Jesus around saying “baby”!


The set we have came with the stable, Mary, Joseph, Jesus, an angel (that actually has a spot to stick on top of the stable), some animals and the wise men. Each character fitting nicely in and around the scene, although all of them are rarely there at the same time.

This has been a fun way of having Christmas decorations that Juniper can actually play with as most of the other decor is not kid friendly. Our set also came with a book that so simply tells the story of Christmas. The illustration matches the style of Little People and incorporated all the characters in the set, even the animals.

If you are anything like us and want a nativity that can actually be interacted with by a toddler then this is a great option!


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    Lol I broke many pieces off my grandma’s porcelain nativity set too. Good post. Wish I knew about these earlier in December.

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    My mom lost baby Jesus in her Mom’s nativity scene. So being the artistic highschooler I was, I sculpted a new one out of sculpy clay, haha. While my wife and I don’t have kids yet, we have a weird thing for unique nativity scenes so we have about 7. When we have kids we’ll be getting this one because 1, moar nativities! and 2, one for a child to play with.

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