Music Suggestions the Whole Family Can Enjoy

I’ll admit I am not a huge kids music fan. I feel like most of it is poorly written and overly simplified. It tends to lack the creativity and complexity that makes up a good piece of music. 

In an effort to make the most of having a toddler – and realizing that she may not appreciate all of my music either – I have scoured Spotify to find a solid set of songs that we can both enjoy. This is my take on music that I can get behind. Some songs are by kids artists and others are not.

This playlist covers the whole spectrum from reggae to Motown to rock and even some lullabies. I left the Frozen theme song and Happy by Pharrell out, sorry, not sorry. You will hopefully enjoy an hour and a half of tunes. That way it won’t repeat too often when you are in the car!

I’d love to hear what you think and what you would add. So, please comment below or on our facebook page.

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    Great songs! I’ve been working on creating a similar list for my little man. The Muppets version of All Together Now (from the Kermit Unpigged album) is another good one!!

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    ..needs more reggae! three little birds is great and all, but there’s so much more amazing reggae out too! My kids love it. Lots of positive lyrics. Check out Stick Figure. Or aggrolites. Or the yo Gabba gabba cds!! Haha. My 2 yr old is crazy about those

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    Awesome list – didn’t know about Karen O and the Kids. We’re a big fan of Harry Nilsson’s The Point album, there’s a fair amount of narration but some great sing alongs, Me and My Arrow being a favorite.

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    This looks great! Is this a public playlist on Spotify? If so what is its title? Thanks!

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      It is public and is just called “dadsigner”. You should be able to get to it from the embedded player above as well.

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    Coolness! I’m always on the hunt for awesome music for my lil guy. So far I like Ziggy Marleys “Family time” album, Bare Naked ladies “Snack time” and they Might be giants “Here come the A,B,C’s and Here come the 123’s. Oh! Also the albums from Rockabye baby! They’re instrumentals from the sounds of Sublime, Depeche Mode and even Michael Jackson.

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    Thanks for the playlist! Do you have suggestions for noise cancelling headphones? Looking for a set for my 1 year old so we can go to a few outdoor concerts coming up. Thanks 🙂

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