Matching All Stars

“I never thought I’d be the type of parent that would match her daughter. It just isn’t my thing, but when they make a classic sneaker that we both look good in it is hard not to.”

This was what my wife told me when she came home one day with these matching Converse All Stars. I too thought it was a little odd until I saw how amazing the shoes looked on both Lindsay and Juniper. For a moment, I even considered getting a pair for myself.


Baby shoes always seemed pointless (especially before walking) or ugly to me. But these sneakers have proven to be both stylish and functional. I love the classic look that dates back to the very beginning of the Converse shoe company. And beyond looks, they provide a good flat sole that is easy for Juniper to walk on.

Their color and canvas construction make them a great summer shoe for both mother and daughter (and no, they don’t always wear them at the same time). Now if only we can figure out how to keep them clean :).

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