Markers That Make Cleanup a Breeze

Dust, screeching and limited writing surfaces are just a few of the reasons I despise traditional chalk. I remember sitting in school with a substitute teacher that had never written on a chalkboard before. With every stroke of a letter, the shrill noise of fingernails on a chalkboard came from the chalk in her hand.

Another teacher used to scratch his face and get streaks of chalk dust on his cheek. We would all giggle until he finally noticed and got annoyed. And these are just the teacher problems revolving around chalk.

Well, those problems are no longer because of these chalk markers from Chalkola. I love it when someone takes a series of problems and creates a product to solve them. These markers are awesome because they aren’t just limited to chalkboards either. Any non-porous material can become a canvas.

Pumpkins, windows, refrigerators, tile, chalkboards and any other smooth hard surface are perfect for drawing or writing on. As you can see above, I took advantage of the markers to draw a face on one of our pumpkins. It was so much faster and easier than painting or carving and when I made a mistake I just wiped it off with a wet cloth.


We also let Juniper play with one and draw on the front of our dishwasher (with supervision of course). It was fun for everyone and again, wiped right off. After Halloween, we quickly replaced jack-o-lanterns with leaves on our back windows to usher in Thanksgiving.

The markers come in 2 sizes and a lot of colors. The larger markers are 15mm wide (a little bigger than 1/2 inch) which make them great for filling in big areas of color. The smaller ones (6mm “bullet tips”) are great for writing and finer details.


All of the markers are non-toxic and water based so they are safe for kids. They are low odor and wash out of clothes when you accidentally mark yourself. The ink lasts a long time but dries quickly on your surface. If you like the chalkboard art that is popping up all over Pinterest or at places like Whole Foods, then they are most likely using chalk markers like these.

With a little practice, you too can create some really cool art for your windows, appliances or chalkboards with Chalkola markers.


If you want to try these out use code “CHALK20A” at this amazon link for 20% off.



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