Mac & Mia – A Children’s Clothing Subscription Service

I am a huge fan of subscription services! They are popping up all over and while many are pretty awful, some are doing it well. Through social media and this blog, I became aware of a children’s clothing subscription service that works very similar to Stitch Fix or Trunk Club.

Meet Mac & Mia. I was contacted by a stylist because she saw how we dress Juniper and knew that we were the perfect fit. I will admit I was slightly skeptical that the clothes would be lame or low quality but we received the box today and I am in love.


For those that are not familiar with this type of service, you are paired with a personal stylist who assembles a box of clothes that they feel would be good for your child. Once you receive the box you keep what you want and return the rest. You are only charged for what you keep.

With Mac & Mia you fill out a profile for each child that includes a questionnaire about your style and needs. There are also questions about sizing and free-form fields for you to leave additional notes. Once the profile is complete the stylist puts together a box and sends it your way. You can keep everything in the box or nothing and shipping is free both ways! If you enjoyed the service you can request a new box whenever you want.

The following standards are considered when Mac & Mia is choosing brand partners:

  1. Made in the USA
  2. Made under honest wages and safe working conditions
  3. Made with reclaimed materials
  4. Crafted from natural materials, no toxic chemicals or bad stuff

It is easy to see that they truly care about style. The website is easy to navigate and find answers while showcasing the clothes through beautiful photography. Even the way the box was packed with a personalized, hand addressed envelope shows their quality standards are high.

Our first box was delivered with 14 items ranging in price from $15 to $44. Obviously these are not the cheapest kids clothes but they are certainly well-crafted and unique. There were so many things in the box that we loved, including a little necklace that Juniper hated (oh and the scarf, she was not happy wearing that scarf in the picture above!).


So if you are a parent that hates shopping or loves shopping just not with the kids in tow, this is a great option for you. Even if you do like to shop for your little ones like we do, give this a try. We received so many cool clothes that the hardest choice right now is what do we keep and what do we send back?

If you are going to give this a try use MINGCEE as the stylist code when you sign up. Ming-Cee is our stylist and she did a great job with our first box!

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