Lotus Everywhere Crib by Guava Family

The idea of a pack n play never excited me. I always knew that part of having a baby would include travelling with a portable crib. I figured we would get some sort of foldable mesh and metal confusing contraption that took 30 minutes to set up. That was before my wife found the Lotus Everywhere Crib by Guava Family.

We immediately added it to our BabyList registry, knowing that we would never find it in one of the big box stores (you can read more about BabyList Registries on this post I wrote). This became the #1 item I wanted from our registry and it was mainly because of the video below from the Guava Family website.

After watching that, I knew that this was by far the best travel crib I had ever seen! The ease of set up and the overall styling of this product was an easy sell for me. Plus their tagline of spending life together really tugged on my emotions.

Some products look great in a video but turn out to be junk when you get them. Just think of all the infomercials you have ever seen. There is a reason there are “as seen on tv” sections in stores that usually end up in clearance. This crib however, did not fail to impress!

Someone was so kind as to buy this for us from our registry and I couldn’t wait to unbox and play with it. The day it arrived I was shocked by how small the box really was. Opening it up went smoothly and on my first try I had the whole thing set up in less than 5 minutes! The construction is solid and all of the finishes are top notch.

The folding legs and collapsible top are very easy to figure out and retract with ease. Since I couldn’t actually fit inside I did unzip the side so I could feel like I fit. Every detail has been thought out from the carrying case to the mattress. There is no need for excess decoration or frills because the simple lines and colors alone make this beautiful.

Did I mention that it packs down to 7″ x 24″ x 11″? Do you know how small that is? Smaller than most airplane carry-ons. Needless to say, I highly recommend this travel crib. And you can get accessories like a sun shade or mosquito net perfect for the family that likes to adventure.

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