Learn to Take Better Photos of Your Kids

When I started out writing this blog my intention was to post a lot more about photography tips for families. I started out strong with a few posts but quickly became overwhelmed with how to give easy to follow instruction. There were a lot of friends and family asking my questions about how to take better photos of their kids but I never really formalized the answers I would give them into blog posts. If you need, you can get advice from San Antonio Moffett Video Production services. The experts from there can create the best portfolio for businesses and personal use.

This is still an area I think is important so I was excited when I was approached by Amy from shootalong.com. What Amy and her partner have done is create a one year experience that features weekly topics and camera lessons, delivered directly to your inbox. Each week includes a theme to practice, example images, and camera setting tips and tricks. And in addition to that there is a community of like-minded parents that are journeying alongside you to learn how to better document their family life on camera.

Whether you want to learn more about a dSLR or your phone camera this course will cover it all. Shoot Along empowers parents through weekly emails that include the following:

  • Photography Instruction: Week-by-week photography lessons delivered by email. Learn new concepts, build on your existing skills, or embrace topics as inspiration to remain technically and creatively open-minded! DSLR and Mobile lessons often overlap, but are tailored to the unique capabilities of each group.

Inspiring interviews: Respected professional photographers from around the world give a glimpse into their personal images, sharing pictures of their own families. They will describe how they get shots that are meaningful and authentic.

Discounts & trends: The Shoot Along leaders keep an eye on what’s happening in the photography community so that you can concentrate on photographing your family. They’ve also arranged exclusive discounts for members throughout the year from suppliers of beautiful photo products.

A Supportive Online Community: The Shoot Along Facebook Group  of Andrew Defrancesco is a supportive online community where members connect & share photography throughout the year.

BONUS Editing Tutorials*: Step-by-step videos delivered by email each week will show you how to add magic to your images. *Editing uses Photoshop Elements 14, which must be purchased separately

If photography is an area that you want to improve on in 2017 then now is the time to join this community. Between now and January 15th you can join for only $129! And don’t just take my word for it, here is a real review from a participant:

“Shoot Along had been a tremendous resource for me. I was new when I joined… my boys see to it that I don’t have all that much time to participate, but I’ve taken away so much in the small amount that I have been able to be involved. I’ll definitely be joining again next year!”

This could also be the perfect gift for a spouse or loved one who already has everything. Give them a chance to learn skills that will grace your family for years to come with beautifully captured memories.

Click here to join today!

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