A Kids Podcast that Rocks!

I’d love to say I scoured the iTunes section of the family and kids podcasts to find this but like all good things it was recommended to me. The guy who edits and contributes to my favorite podcast, Jeremiah Dunlap, mentioned it a few months ago when he joined the Relevant team. As soon as I stopped driving I looked up this project of his and downloaded a bunch of episodes.

Little did I realize how amazing this little show would be!

The Cramazingly Incredifun Sugarcrash Kids podcast meshes music with story in a masterful way. Jeremiah is an audio genius and has put together a show that even I, as a dad, enjoy listening to. Protip: If you are looking for it in iTunes you can just type in Sugarcrash Kids.

There are several reasons why I love this show.

  1. They are broken out into seasons – my brain likes this because there is a start and a finish and it is easy to go back and find an episode if when I want to.
  2. Their characters are fun without being expected or overly repetitive
  3. THE MUSIC! Jeremiah writes a song for each and every episode (then releases albums of just these songs)
  4. The positive message in every episode

Those are just four reasons but seriously you need to go right now and check it out. And just in case you haven’t left yet watch this fun video the cast put together:

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