Where have you been!?

June of last year.

That’s the last time I logged into the back end of this blog and hit publish. For nearly two straight years I posted weekly—and then, I ran out of steam. Or content. Or I’m not 100% sure why, but I stopped making this site a priority.

I could blame it on the addition of a second child to our family.

I could blame it on the busyness of life.

I could even blame it on running out of things to say.

In reality, though, it comes down to what I made time for—and I stopped making time for this space.

However, I’M BACK!

Life Updates

• As I mentioned, we had another baby. Our second girl! She’s so full of energy and personality. Having girls is so different for me since I never had a sister growing up. It’s all so new–but also so much fun.

• The book I illustrated (Eyes) was placed in a subscription box for kids called Bookroo. I’ll write a full post about their business in the future, but I’m super grateful for the opportunity to get the book out to more families. (I still have more copies if you never got one or need more).

• Once I got the book itch, I had to make another. Earlier this year I co-created & illustrated a book for adults called, Why Ask Questions? You can see what that’s all about here and pick up a copy as well.

• We renovated our kitchen, which is a huge undertaking. We decided not to go the DIY route on this project to minimize the time without a kitchen. Look for a post about how to manage a kitchen renovation while still living in the space.

• Lastly, a few months ago I started a new job. Maybe that is the reason I have renewed energy? Or maybe it is the new ideas I have planned for this space? Either way, I’m excited to be back.

What’s ahead?

In the past, this blog focused primarily on children’s products from a dad’s perspective. Much of that still applies, but my focus is shifting slightly. Attempting (and failing) to live as an intentional father and designer will take a front seat in my writing and other content. Exploring what masculinity and fatherhood look like in today’s culture.

I’ll still cover my book reviews and children’s products but will weave in more lifestyle-focused content for dads and any man that wants to become more intentional.

We’re all on a journey trying to figure out the best ways to raise children and make the world a better place than we found it. Hopefully, you’ll join me in that mission and we’ll create a vibrant community together!

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