Honestly the Best Diapers

Have you changed a diaper?

This is a question I get asked regularly. I assume it is because I am a dad and the stereotype of fathers these days is that we don’t contribute to child raising. I always chuckle at people and say “of course I have”.

Diapers are not a very interesting topic to write about, but they are when they look this good. The Honest Company has created a great selection of safe and stylish products, one of which is their patterned diapers. Diaper manufacturers do not have to disclose the makeup of their products and are full of chemicals and bleach. Honest is different, their site says:

The Honest Company diapers have no harsh chemicals—they’re free of chlorine, latex, dioxins, PVC, heavy metals, finishing treatments (silicones), fragrances and lotions (usually made using phthalates).

At first this may seem like marketing tactic but let me tell you a personal story. A few months ago we ran out of Honest diapers and had a sample of another brand. It had a “cool” feature where a stripe turned blue when the diaper was wet. We only used these for a few days when we noticed a whitehead looking blemish on her skin. The spot wasn’t going away, so we went to the dermatologist and learned that baby skin often reacts negatively to the dyes used in diapers (especially swim diapers).

Fortunately, the blemish was removed and healed up but we had a new found appreciation for The Honest Company diapers. And our dermatologist even approved of their quality! Ever since then we have been sold on this brand I recommend them to everyone.


Beyond their safety and quality, they have the cutest patterns, and they are constantly releasing new ones. You can even sign up for bundles that will automatically send you a package when you start running low.

In addition to diapers, Honest makes other baby, cleaning, feeding and bath products. Check out their full collection or get a FREE diaper trial by clicking here!


The Honest Company

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