Get Up, Get Down

As our children grow, we take their pictures. Now more than ever our phones and digital cameras are filled with images of the littles. Most of them are special because the subject means the world to us. Blurry photos, dark photos and awful photos take on new meaning because they captured a moment in time that seems to be flying by way too fast!

But what if I were to tell you that the pictures of your kids could become way more interesting by making one simple change? Well, they can, and it is is really easy… MOVE!

Yes, the simplest way to take better photos of your kids is to move. No, not your house, but rather your feet – change your perspective. Everyone expects to see photos of your kid at eye level because that is how we walk around on a daily basis. However, if you incorporate the following tips into your thought process you can positively impact the dynamics of your pictures.

From above:

Stand on a chair or a bed or the couch and shoot down. This perspective adds a very fun birds-eye view of the activities below. Often showing the carnage of what a child is able to do in mere moments.


From way down low:

Lay on the floor to take the shot. This worms-eye view makes your kids look larger than life and adds a godzilla-esque feeling. Plus your kids will love that you are spending time on their level.


From far away:

Taking a few steps back will let the environment shine. It emphasizes the smallness of your little one while highlighting the world around them.


From behind an object:

When you shoot through something, you give the feeling of peaking in on a moment of your child’s life. While they do their thing, you can sneak around the corner to watch them play or sleep. Cribs, doorways and mirrors make great framing elements.


The smallest changes can transform your photos from nice mementos to frame-worthy masterpieces. So the next time you pull out your phone or camera, think about changing your viewpoint and have some fun.

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    Thank you for sharing! I’ll put this tips into practice 🙂

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