Fisher Price® TV Radio

It is an awesome thing when you have friends that know you well. For Juniper’s first birthday, some friends weren’t able to make the party. The next time we went to their house they had a belated gift for her. We were so excited when they handed us this Fisher Price® TV radio.

Just a few months prior we were in a toy store and  I took a picture of several retro style Fisher Price toys (coincidentally that was the same toy store visit where I took the “pinkification” picture). I often snap pictures with my phone as reminders of cool stuff I’ve seen. I wanted to remember these retro toys because I love that they are the same toys my parents played with. They have truly stood the test of time (I believe in part because they aren’t pink!).

Every element of this toy brings me joy, starting with the packaging. After word of mouth, there is no better selling tactic than good package design. I actually left this in the box for a while because we could spin the dial and hear the song while also enjoying the beautiful packaging.


Once I finally got around to taking it out Juniper loved it even more (imagine that). It is lightweight which makes it easy to carry for her little arms. And the handle is the perfect size for her to grasp and bring to Lindsay or I to spin the dial. The dial is a little difficult to spin, which is ok because (for now) we get to control how many times The Farmer and the Dell is played.

The illustration style of the decorative characters harkens back to a time where traditional art started to become commercial. Being a designer, it is interesting to reminisce on how my craft used to be accomplished before the digital age. I have a great appreciation for traditional art and wish we saw more of it today.

I appreciate how a simple and classic toy can bring such joy for many generations. We all love this addition to our toy shelf!

If you are looking for some great toys that have proven themselves over time then check out the full Fisher Price® Classic Toy selection. I am particularly fond of the record player.

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