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Book Review: Extra Yarn

We’ve made it past the board book stage. Well, we still read those too but Juniper is finally old enough to sit through a longer book – most of the time.

When Lindsay had her baby shower this book was one of the ones a friend bought her. It is as much for Lindsay as it was for Juniper since Lindsay is an incredibly talented knitter! This book is great in that it aligns to a passion of Lindsay’s and has an amazing story.

The book is about a girl that lives in a boring town and finds a magic box of colorful yarn. As she begins to knit she never runs out, so she knits “sweaters” for everyone and everything. One day a Duke from across the sea offers her a large sum of money for the box. When she will not sell it he pays robbers to sneak in at night and steal the box.


Once the Duke returns home and settles on his throne to knit he realizes that the box is empty. He tosses it out the window and it floats back across the sea to the little girl.

There are so many great parallels we could draw from this story but I will draw out just one. With the right imagination and attitude, you are capable of making beautiful things out of nothing.

Book Construction:

Hardcover with slip jacket. 40 pages.


The illustration style is very painterly and sketchy. It is a nice contrasting mix that allows the pattern of the colorful knit to shine on each page. I love the amount of simplicity and detail that went into each spread. It was hard for me to choose just 2 pages to show but that just gives you more reason to pick up a copy for yourself.


Simple and easy to read. Uses a serif font that is high contrast (mostly black on white but white on black in a few places). Fits in nicely to the flow of the book, but could be a bit larger and more obvious on some pages.

Number of Reader Voices:

Six: the narrator, Annabelle, Nate, Mr. Norman, Mr. Crabtree, and the Duke (which is the most fun voice).

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