Don’t Call Me Mr. Mom

There is a trend I’ve noticed on social media where people refer to someone as Mr. Mom. Okay, maybe it isn’t a recent thing because the movie Mr. Mom was released in 1983. But every time I see someone use the term I get irked!

There are many occasions of late where I am the parent at home taking care of Juniper. Either trying to give Lindsay a break or she has to work. In those cases, I take over the full responsibility of raising our child. I’m not babysitting and I’m not a mom.

I am a dad. A dad who changes diapers (although not nearly as many as mom), bathes our toddler, gets her ready for bed, reads to her, and gets her what she needs. While those may traditionally sound like something a mother does, a father can do them too.

I actually love doing it all. I love it because it gives Lindsay a break and it is fun. I love it because Juniper shows a different kind of affection when I am the sole parent home. She asks for me to help rather than mom. I have to figure out what she is asking for and that brings us closer together.

While these occurrences have been more frequent lately we have viewed the role of dad as such from day one. I changed her first diaper and have always tried to help as much as I can. And I am not alone in this. There are lots of modern dads out there chipping in and being good fathers. Some of them are even the stay-at-home parent.

Our family is privileged to be a two parent home and I don’t take that lightly. We are both responsible for teaching our daughter to grow up to be a self-sufficient woman. I take my responsibility very seriously but I could never replace her mother.

So next time you want to call me Mr. Mom please don’t, just call me dad!

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