Dino Cars by PlanToys

A few weeks ago our family took a trip down to Old City Philadelphia. We were among a handful of non-tourists walking around days before the Pope’s arrival. Our mission was to visit some neighborhood stores we love while taking in a late summer Saturday that had particularly beautiful weather.

As we were dodging historic Segway tours, we stumbled upon the most amazing toy store called Momo’s Treehouse. It wasn’t long before Juniper was running around playing with all the floor samples. As she occupied herself with a kitchen set, I meticulously worked my way through the store. It was like picked the selection just for me!

My intent was only to browse; until I found a collection of toys made by a company called PlanToys®. The sustainable material and natural(ish) colors of these toys captured my attention. This was my first encounter with these toys and eventually I decided we needed to buy something that they made.

Since cars are not the norm for girls to play with Juniper doesn’t have any. However, I had recently heard of many friends girls playing with their brothers cars. When I saw the Dino Cars I knew that was what we needed to get. We picked up the T-Rex and Stegosaurus.


As I mentioned above the material and colors of these toys are so unique compared to the mainstream toys. They are made from sustainable wood, organic color pigments, and water-based dyes. So not only are they stylish, they are safe!

I like dino cars because they aren’t gender specific. Juniper loves them and so will all her cousins. They are easy for tiny hands to get a good grip on too. One extra fun but minor feature is their off balanced wheels, so they wobble as they roll!

Maybe you want a different dino or color? Well, they also sell a triceratops in purple and a diplodocus (long-neck) in yellow/brown.

If you are in the market for some fun cars or are spending a day in Old City make sure you check out Momo’s Treehouse and get some of these prehistoric wheelies.


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