Drool Bibs

Before we had Juniper my bib knowledge was very limited. When I heard the word “bib” I pictured new england tourists in disposable versions, chowing down on fresh lobster tails. Or that photo that every family has of their child fast asleep in the high chair mid bite. Bibs, in my mind, were to protect clothing and collect food before it hit the floor. Little did I know that there existed a totally different bib market.

Until Lindsay (my amazingly talented wife) started making bibs in unique shapes, styles and patterns. They were fashionable enough to wear on a shopping expedition to crewcuts. But these bibs weren’t for eating and certainly had more purpose than just fashion; they soaked up drool.

When babies start teething they drool more than you’d expect and this leads to very wet shirts. No one likes to be cold or wet for very long and babies are no exception. In order to prevent unnecessary outfit changes teething bibs provide a quick and easy way to restore a dry neck. These bibs also act as another layer of warmth to keep those little necks toasty in the cooler months.


There is rarely a time that we go out when J is wearing one of these that someone doesn’t stop us to say “that’s a cool bib!” It is so fun to tell people that they aren’t just fashionable but also have intentional purpose. Each bib is handmade and features a plastic snap closure. So if fashion and function appeal to you make sure you head over to Lindsay’s etsy shop and stock up on these amazing bibs. I’d recommend picking one up for every day!

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