Diaper Bag for Men

Before we had Juniper I started looking for a diaper bag that I wouldn’t hate carrying. There is an emerging market of “manly” diaper bags, many of which are cool. However, none of them felt like me and most were far too bulky.

I am a strong proponent of keeping things simple and don’t feel like we need to pack the entire nursery into a bag every time we leave the house. Pack the essentials and you’ll figure the rest out (yes, we have forgotten an extra pair of clothes a few times).

After completing far too many searches for diaper bags, I realized I was limiting my search too much. Who says a diaper bag has to be marketed as such? That is when I broadened my search and found what has become my ideal non-diaper, diaper bag.

I knew I wanted a messenger style so I could throw the bag cross-body and not have to worry about it falling off as I carry a baby. I remembered shopping and seeing Herschel Supply bags; wanting to buy one but having no need since I already own a nice computer bag. Fortunately, this new baby presented a need and thus an opportunity to buy one of these amazing bags.


I have yet to have a scenario where this bag was not large enough to fit everything we needed. The pockets are great for separating dirty things from clean and storing all the other baby collateral. The canvas exterior and nylon lining make it easy to clean.

A flaw I saw in other diaper bags was the zipper top that could never close because it was usually overpacked. With this bag nothing falls out because of the adjustable buckles that allow the top flap to easily close no matter how much you stuff in.

Lastly, I can actually maintain a semblance of style and not look like an awkward dad weighed down with a feminine patterned bag. Regardless of whether this Herschel bag is your style, be open to searching for a bag that doesn’t have diaper in its name.

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