Choosing A Color Palette

Color can take a very average space and turn it into something spectacular. Adding a baby to our house was a great reason to revisit the color palette in our 2nd bedroom. We definitely don’t buy into the old notion of “pink for girls” and “blue for boys” and you shouldn’t either. If you ask my wife, she’ll probably go down some rabbit trail about 1980’s marketing schemes for toy companies to make more money and then add something about scientific studies that show children have no color preference.

When we found out we were having a girl, we knew her room wouldn’t be pink and she wouldn’t be dressed head to toe in the hue either. We don’t hate pink, we just don’t find it necessary to define her gender. The same would have held true about blue if we were expecting a boy. With that said, we also didn’t want to go neutral. It is possible to find a color palette that is feminine without using pastel pinks and purples.

With the rise of Pinterest, it is exciting to see nursery color options that differ from the norm. However, many of those choices are starting to get stale. We have all seen the same yellow and gray nursery, I think it’s time to add a little more interest. So if you’re planning a nursery for your soon to be arriving bundle of joy, here are three suggestions for creative color palettes.

For your little lady

Here is what we did for Juniper. We love coral, (yes this is different than pink!) and especially when it is paired with pale teal. A warm color and a cool color together is a good starting point we like to follow. We finished off the palette with a soft yellow to keep it light and feminine.


Why this works:

Using three lighter colors keeps the feeling fresh and feminine, while adding contrast by using a warm and cool hue. These are also shades based off of primary colors which make a nice tertiary color triangle.


For a gent on the way

I am super into a manly feeling room. Your little dude will totally dig this masculine scheme. For this recommendation, I started with one of nature’s most masculine colors; a deep, earthy, slate green. Contrast this heavy color with a light cremé to bring in a balance. Then complete the look with a bright orange for a stunning pop of color.


Why this works:

These three colors have a great range of depth, saturation, and brightness. Pulling cues from the forest with a mix of pine trees, an overcast sky, and an orange fox.


For you crazies that like surprises

Maybe you are waiting to be surprised, but still want to decorate before the baby’s arrival. Start with a blank canvas of white walls and add in accents of black (don’t go crazy here). Like white, black should not to be ignored while decorating. With these two extremes, you can furnish an amazing room full of pattern and interest. Once baby gets here add gold accents for a lady and rustic wood accents for a man-cub. With the room so neutral it will make an amazing backdrop for all the colorful books and toys.


Why this works:

You can’t get any more basic than black and white. But done right it will not be boring.


These are just a few ideas that you can take and make your own. If you are still stuck here is a great book to give you more ideas. I’d love to see what you come up with so head on over to FaceBook and post a picture!

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