Capture & Share Your Kids Moments

When it comes to our children we want to remeber all their “firsts” and acheivements. Many parents will buy a baby’s first year book. These are great but we often forget to fill in the cute sayings or initial milestones that are fun to remember.

We’re constantly snapping pictures on our phones which end up in the cavernous camera roll, rarely to be seen again. Video cameras are now readily available to capture the cutest and funniest moments. We have endless communication methods at our fingertips but we are less connected than ever.

In today’s digital landscape there has to be an easier way to save and share these memories of our kids. But there are justified fears of oversharing about our children on “public” social media profiles, regardless of how private we make our settings. What if there were a way to catalog and share these life events secruely with the people in our lives we care about the most?

There is a way and it is fun to use! I recommend the app Notabli (an iPhone and computer app – Android is coming soon), a “social network that is not about you”. This app is beutifully designed and wonderfully thought out. Their site describes it as:

Your favorite photos and videos of your kids — automatically organized and privately shared with the people you love. Ad-free and owned by you.

Now you can immediately write down that funny saying or capture that funny face she makes in the tub. All of these organized by child, date and location. Safe and secure but can be shared with family and friends you have invited to share these moments with.


Imagine how much grandmom from a different state would love to see daily or weekly updates delivered right to her phone. And how easiy it will be to show 3 year old Henry the highlights of his first year. Any way you look at it this is a great option for busy parents that always have their phone with them.

I cannot say enough about how amazing this app is and how incredible the design looks. But before I talk all day and lose your attention just go download the app and start using it!


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