Baby Registries

Creating a baby registry can be a daunting task. Which store(s) do you choose? What items need to be on the list? Is it easy for friends and family to find and purchase the items? Well, the days of antiquated store registries are over. You can now take all the products that you could possibly find on the internet, even those small boutiques, and add them to your registry.

There are two amazing sites that make this whole process easier.

1. BabyList

This is my favorite option and we used it before our baby shower. The website is beautiful and easy enough for your grandparents to use. BabyList allows you to add products from any online store as well as homemade or handmade items. For instance, we highly value family pictures, so we added a request for money toward a photo shoot. This is just one idea of many that you could add to your BabyList. Their site gives the examples of home-cooked meals, house cleaning or used baby clothes.

This site also features a section highlighting inspirational registries and registry tips. We found this aspect helpful in determining what we needed as new parents. They do partner with some stores to offer discounts and send you free registry cards to stick in your shower invitations as well.

And if all of that isn’t enough, they have mobile apps so that you can add and edit your registry on the go.

2. Amazon

Amazon seems to do it all these days, so let’s add baby registries to the list of offerings. They have a specific section on their site called “baby registry” where you can create a registry from anywhere on the internet.

Some of the cool features that amazon offers are an automatically generated thank you list and 10% completion discount on select unpurchased items. The thank you card feature seems convenient so that “one friend” doesn’t have to be the scribe at your shower.

Amazon also makes it possible for your friends to suggest items for your list and see the most popular baby registry items.


I understand that these two options remove the fun of using the scanner gun that you can go wild with at the store. But they open up the potential to include higher quality products that aren’t available everywhere. Remember as you create your registry that has a lot of great ideas for items to add to your registry (please spread the word).

Whether you choose to use these options exclusively or use them in combination with a big box store, let me leave you with one piece of advice. You need way less than you think you do for a new baby. The most important thing you can provide your baby with is a safe and loving home, and that cannot be bought at any store or website.


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