An Interactive Chore Chart for Those that Like to Check Things Off

I am the kind of person that loves to make lists and check things off. It brings me a sense of accomplishment to do so. The more checked boxes I see the better I feel about what I was able to do that day. So when I was made aware of this magnetic checklist chore chart I was pretty excited.

Having a list of daily tasks is an important part of growing up. I remember how painful it was as a kid to have to make my bed and pick up my room daily. However, I am better for it.

The Buoy Company has designed a great new way to tackle morning and evening chores. Their magnetic compass chart allows for a selection of chore magnets with corresponding check marks. Arrange them in whatever order you wish and mark them off when complete.

This company was started by two friends who love organization and their families. They have created a great brand and some awesome products that help families organize their lives.

When your life is organized and tidy your quality of life is improved because you spend less time thinking about all you have to complete and clean and are able to relax with your family. Also, the organization will set expectations with your children that should lead to fewer battles on a daily basis. Evey member of the family has a quick and easy way to identify whether a chore is complete.


The compass chart is simple and functional and will match with nearly any decor. You can hang it from a string or with command strips or even screw it into the wall depending on how permanent you want this to become.

The chore list options range from brushing your teeth to walking and feeding a pet. While Juniper is not quite at the age where she can understand how to clean up and check things off a list she has enjoyed playing with the magnets for now.

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