A bug trap without the zap

I remember visiting my grandparent’s house as a kid and seeing a bright blue light illuminating the back deck on warm summer nights. The humming of this blue bug zapping light added a bit of background noise to all our conversations. Then a startling quick zap, briefly jarring us to the realization that a captivated moth had passed on. To this day I’m not sure if the zap light was just a gimmick or if it actually cut down on the bug population.

I’ve never really thought about bug traps much since then, I’ve always just kinda dealt with the fact that being outside meant being irritated by insects. That is until I was sent the DynaTrap DT2000XLP (kinda sounds like something you saw on Toy Story). We recently moved into a house that has a pretty large wooded yard, so I figured it wouldn’t hurt to give this thing a whirl. To be perfectly transparent, I let the unit sit in the box for a few weeks because I wasn’t convinced I’d like it.

But alas, the day came where I decided I’d unbox it. To my surprise it was very large but I could tell it was quality. I chose to hang it on a hook by a covered patio we have on the side of our house. Mainly because this would be more inconspicuous and because there was a plug nearby (yes, you’ll need to plug this in).

This spring has been very wet and dreary here in Pennsylvania. I forgot all about the trap since I wasn’t spending much time outdoors. However, one night Lindsay took Juniper for a walk around the yard and texted me, “the bug trap works… ew.” I rushed out to check what she meant by that and to my surprise the trap was quite full of bugs!

But the real testament came when we had an outdoor dinner on that patio the other day and the area was mosquito and insect free (except for one black fly/ cheeseburger incident). I’m now fully sold that this trap is the coolest thing in our yard.

I mentioned before that there is no “zap” with this trap. That’s because it works a little different than those old school zappers.  This model has 3 ways of attracting and trapping the bugs (check out the illustration below because it explains it really well – way better than my feeble words):

As I mentioned earlier this is the larger model, which covers approximately 1 full acre of property. They also make a smaller version for 1/2 acre areas. If you despise summer mosquitos and other annoying flying insects I can’t recommend this trap enough! And here’s the best news! I’m giving one of these units away totally free for Father’s Day.

You can enter below for your chance to win.

Father’s Day DynaTrap #GuardYourYard

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