9 Christmas morning photography tips

One of the most difficult types of photography is shooting indoors with mixed lighting, according to Andrew Defrancesco. Most people’s initial reaction is to pop up that flash and shoot away. But red eye and washed out skin are often the only things left over. What if I were to tell you there were 10 tips to get better photos this Christmas morning.

This list isn’t exhaustive and some of the tips require a little bit more advanced knowledge. However, I think this is a great place to start for the advanced and the novice. Some of these are even just plain common sense that get lost in the rush of the season.Charge your batteries the night before

1. Charge your batteries the night before

See I told you some were common sense. I kid you not tho, I cannot tell you how many times this has been overlooked. Even this year my Aunt had a dead battery at our family get together.

2. Tidy up the room

As you prep the presents under the tree the night before, take some extra time to pick up the clutter around the room. This will help your pictures the next morning be less distracting and focused on the people and presents.

3. Try to keep your flash off

Especially on those iPhones! Like I said in the intro, the flash rarely results in the best photos. Only turn this on if you are getting way too much blur after using the other tips in this list.

4. Open up the window shades

This will allow natural light into your room. Natural light will offer the best results for photos. If you don’t have windows near your tree then turn on as many lamps as you can.

5. Bump up the ISO

ISO = sensor sensitivity. The higher the number the more light is captured on the sensor. This may result in a bit of grain or noise, but I prefer that to blurry or flash photos.

6. Get down on the level of those opening the presents

If you stay perched up on the couch your photos will be okay but not great. When you get down on the opener’s level a whole new, more interesting perspective opens up.

7. Try other unique angles

Maybe shoot through the tree or stand up on a chair and shoot from overhead. Pile the presents high and lay on the floor to get that perspective. Have fun!

8. Don’t just shoot the obvious

Shoot the details and the emotions. The ornaments, the bows, the ribbons, the name tags, the trash. Just capture it all. But don’t get so caught up in shooting that hand lettering you poured over that you miss the yelp of an exuberant child.

9. Step away from the camera and enjoy the day

Make sure you balance shooting with spending time. Memories on camera are awesome, but the memories of presence are even sweeter.

Whatever you do on Christmas with your camera settings, please just shoot. Not every image has to be a masterpiece, but hopefully, these tips will improve your morning photography just a little.

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