5 Reasons to Take Selfies with Your Family

The selfie has gotten a bad reputation. Thanks to duck lips and the selfie stick there is no saving the reputation of the selfie. However, no matter how ridiculous it looks and feels to take one here are five reasons you should take family selfies on the regular.

1. A professional photographer can’t always be with you. Plus they probably wouldn’t capture the everyday moments anyway.


2. Happy and fun accidents happen more often than you’d think, which make for fun memories!


3. You won’t regret having photographic reminders from your adventures.


4. Your kids will thank you when they are older. I have a lot of pictures from a kid and most are just my brother and me. I wish there were more with the whole family.


5. If you are in public, someone will most likely offer to take the photo and you may make a new friend because of it.

What is your favorite selfie that you have taken with your family or children?

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